Gifts for the Bird Lovers

Best Gifts for the Bird and Nature Lovers

If you don't know what to present to the bird lover in your life a gift connected with his or her favorite pastime is the best bet. The gift ideas below that range from tech to books and nice bird-themed trinkets have all the chances to be admired by nature lovers on your list and cherished for years.

Dropcam WorldBirder


A feeder fanatic is sure to love this mountable camera that can be fitted to a laptop or phone. This gadget comes with a record feature, night-vision element, and alert system perfect for bird and squirrel surveillance.

Night Vision Goggles WorldBirder

Night Vision Goggles

Every birder has a pair of binoculars for birdwatching, but after dark they won't help see anything. Those who love watching owls, nightjars or kiwi will find Yukon's night vision headset pretty useful. Boasting a visibility range of 650 feet, built-in illuminator, and eyepiece that prevents light leakage and distortion this equipment will make maneuvering in the pitch-black forest easy.

Trimble GPS App WorldBirder

Trimble GPS App

This app will come handy in the woods as well. Due to the Trimble Outdoors Navigator Pro app hikers will be able to walk in the woods with confidence. Just download maps on your phones, and the navigator will show your location without any cell towers needed.

Petzl Tikka Headlamp WorldBirder

Petzl Tikka Headlamp

This remarkable headlamp has a wide, battery-powered beam that produces 100 lumens of brightness. It also features a phosphorescent reflector, if the band gets lost at night.

Charley Harper Smartwool Socks WorldBirder

Charley Harper Smartwool Socks

The latest line of cushioned Merino socks is adorned with characters drawn by the renowned mod artist. There is a wide selection of various designs that include cardinals, Barn Owls, Wood Ducks and more.

VSSL Camping Supplies WorldBirder

VSSL Camping Supplies

When exploring great outdoors this compact kit that weighs just about a pound is sure to become a must-have. The 9-inch-long kit under an anodized-aluminum cover contains 14 emergency supplies, with wire saw, a flashlight, marine-grade rope and reflective trail markers among them.

Bobble Stainless Steel Coffee Press WorldBirder

Bobble Stainless Steel Coffee Press

This amazing all-in-one coffee system will provide you with the aroma drink on the go. It features a special micro-filter and three layers of insulation so your coffee will stay hot for hours. And it will only take you three minutes to brew 13 ounces of first-rate coffee.

Bird Jewelry WorldBirder

Bird Jewelry

Forget those heavily advertised jewelry commercials and look for some truly exclusive items instead. Brooklyn jeweler Judith Hoetker uses real sparrow and pheasant feet to make casts and create beautiful necklaces, earrings, and more.


The Living Bird Book WorldBirder

"The Living Bird"

In this 200-page book the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that celebrates its 100-year anniversary describes various species of birds. It features a collection of essays about birds illustrated by beautiful pictures taken by a well-known photographer Gerrit Vyn.

Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean Book WorldBirder

"Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean"

The book describes thirty-nine species of owls and features color photos, vocalizations, range maps, and conservation stats. In this field guide readers will also find useful tips by writer Scott Weidensaul on how to identify these nocturnal birds.

The Invention of Nature Book WorldBirder

"The Invention of Nature"

The author Andrea Wulf focuses on the life and discoveries of Alexander von Humboldt, a German naturalist who lived in the 19th century. His scientific works inspired such outstanding scientists of that time as Charles Darwin and Thomas Jefferson. The book describes the history of biology as a fascinating adventure.

Sibley Bird Postcards Book WorldBirder

Sibley Bird Postcards

There are 100 cards in a box of Sibley Bird Postcards that features painting from David Sibley's famous North American bird guide.