Cruises for Birdwatching

If you love birds taking a birding cruise is an excellent opportunity to combine unsurpassed traveling experience and passion for great outdoors. When choosing what cruise to book just keep in mind that if you take a small ship cruise you will be able to reach remote areas which are inaccessible for larger vessels. Such small ships are not only safe and comfortable, but they will let avid birders spot a greater variety of bird species that may otherwise be hard to see.

Alaska Cruise Birding Excursion

If you are flexible about when to take your birding cruise try to schedule it for the time when the birds are most prolific. Planning your trip to Alaska consider getting there in spring (May 15-June 15) and after Aug. 15 as bird watching is best at that time and you can see a huge variety of migrating bird species. Glacier Bay National Park is a great place to spot hundreds of birds.

Any bird lover will be delighted by the cruise to the Galapagos Islands. There you will be able to view many species, including thirteen species of Darwinís Finches which are very difficult to identify. Among 56 native bird species in the Galapagos, 80 percent of them can be found only there. From May to November let Espanola Island be your premier place to visit as this is the breeding season of the Waved Albatross known for its seven-foot wingspan.

If you decide to take an Amazon Cruise you will be able to spot closely an incredible array of birds. Most travelers are craving to see colorful Macaws and Toucans as well as local species like Antbirds and Hoatzin. For the best viewing opportunities consider taking excursions to small tributaries and lakes during the high water season of December through May.

Those who love to see different species of penguins should cruise the Antarctic Peninsula. There you will be able to spot Chinstrap, Adelie, Gentoo, and more. But to see King penguins and spot huge colonies of up to a million birds, make sure you get to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. The Antarctic cruise season lasts just four months from November to February. If you travel in November or December you will be able to witness the mating behavior of the penguins and how they nest. In January and February you can see newly hatched chicks and young penguins entering the water.

For the most exotic cruise with bird watching opportunities consider taking a Papua New Guinea cruise. Not only will you be able to view a range of rare species such as the Raggiana, Blue Birds of Paradise and the Fire Maned Bowerbird but you can also enjoy incredible snorkeling. Schedule your trip during the dry season in October and November.

If you canít get a vacation soon why not treat yourself to a weekend bird watching tour on American Princess Cruises (find 20% discount for bird watching cruises here). The cruising vessel comes with a full bar, serving a variety of hot and cold drinks, along with a snack bar and galley. During the two hours spent onboard the passengers can view Harbor and Grey seals, Harp and Hooded seals, plus a variety of birds looking out of viewing windows in a spacious cabin with cushioned seating. When the weather permits they can enjoy breathtaking views sitting on the canopy-covered upper deck. The tours are guided by a naturalist who tells the guests about seals, birds, and marine life. The presentation features a slide show displayed on big screen TV, complete with pictures, posters and exhibits.

About American Princess Cruises

The 95-foot American Princess will take the tourists across the waters of the Atlantic Ocean to enjoy the seal- and bird-watching cruise mentioned above. The luxury vessel offers a number of noted tours and excursion and is navigated by experienced crew. The company also offers cruises with views of the NYC Skyline and Statue Liberty, Adventure Cruises, and Moonlight cruises. The passengers have a chance to view bountiful wildlife of the area, such as whales, dolphins, seals, birds, and more.