Birding Festivals

Galveston FeatherFest

Galveston FeatherFest, Roseate Spoonbills - WorldBirder

Dates: April 2019
Location: Galveston Island, TX, U.S.
Mark your calendar for the largest birding festival on the upper Texas Coast in Galveston. This festival hosts a wide
Organization Name: Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council
Contact Person: Julie Ann Brown
Phone: 832-459-5533

⇒ Olympic Birdfest

Olympic Birdfest, Pigeon Guillemot - WorldBirder

Dates: April 2019
Location: Sequim, WA, U.S.
At the Olympic Birdfest 2018 one can discover birds of coastal Pacific Northwest. There are guided field trips, a gala banquet; and keynote speak Bonnie Block. A pre-festival cruise in Straight of Juan de Fuca and a post-festival trip to Neah Bay. The festival with the most spectacular setting!
Organization Name: Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society
Contact Person: Vanessa Fuller
Phone: 360-681-4076

⇒ Great Louisiana Birdfest

Great Louisiana Birdfest, Whooping Crane Bird - WorldBirder

Dates: April 2019
Location Mandeville, LA, U.S.
For the past 20 years, the Northlake Nature Center has sponsored the Great Louisiana BirdFest during the spring migration. Numerous migrant bird species come from Mexico and South America across the Gulf of Mexico and pass through south Louisiana on their way to their summer territories.
Organization Name: Northlake Nature Center
Contact Person: Rue McNeill
Phone: 9856261238

⇒ Lek Treks & More: The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival

The Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival, Lesser Prairie Chicken - WorldBirder

Dates: April 2019
Location: Woodward, OK, U.S.
Sherri Williamson is the keynote speaker at the Prairie-Chickens at northeast Oklahoma’s Tallgrass Prairie. This festival features special packages for photographers with dedicated blinds, and workshops
Organization Name: Oklahoma Audubon Council
Contact Person: John Kennington
Phone: 918-809-6325

⇒ Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival

Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival, Marbled Murrelet - WorldBirder

Dates: April 2019
Location: Arcata, CA, U.S.
This festival is held at the peak of spring migration and offers 100 field trips with local guides. One can see Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet in the redwood forest. Bridget Stutchbury a research professor at York University is a keynote speaker.
Organization Name: Godwit Days non-profit organization
Contact Person: Gretchen O'Brien
Phone: 707-826-7050

Birding The Bay - WorldBirder

⇒ Birding The Bay

Date: April 2019
Location: Apalachicola, FL, U.S.
This festival is a day long event with professionally led tours that focus on migratory birds and woodland species where one can see all kinds of colorful songbirds on St. George island.
Organization Name: Apalachicola National Estuarine Reserve
Contact Person: Emily Jackson
Phone: 850-670-7743

⇒ Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival

Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival, Gambels Quail (male) - WorldBirder

Dates: April 25-28, 2019
Location: Cottonwood, AZ, U.S.
It is a $15 additional fee for the field trips, workshops and guided walks. Registration is Feb 1, but Saturday is a free Family Nature Fair with activities for children from 10 am to 2 pm. Keynote speaker is Noah Strycker.
Organization Name: Verde River Valley Nature Org
Contact Person: Barbie Hart
Phone: 9282822202

⇒ Wings 'N' Wetlands Festival

Wings N Wetlands Festival - WorldBirder

Dates: April, 2019
Location: Great Bend, KS, U.S.
One can birdwatch in two wetlands with guided birding fieldtrips, workshops and socials. Organization Name: Kansas Wetlands Education Center
Contact Person: Curtis Wolf
Phone: 877-243-9268

⇒ Wings Over The Hills Nature Festival

Wings Over The Hills Nature Festival, Golden Cheedked Warbler - WorldBirder

Dates: April, 2019
Location: Fredericksburg, TX, U.S.
Special guest Dorian Anderson is speaking "Biking for Birds". 3 days of field trips and a Hummingbird Photography workshop with Raptor program speakers are included. Organization Name: Friends of the Fredericksburg Nature Center
Contact Person: Jane Crone
Phone: 210-912-5920

⇒ Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival

Point Reyes Birding and Nature Festival, Sanderlings -  WorldBirder

Dates: April, 2019
Location: Point Reyes Station, CA, U.S.
This is a 3 day event where one can experience on of the most ecologically significant areas along the Pacific Coast. There are over 50 field events and indoor workshops. Speakers are Julie Zickefoose and Paul Bannick.
Organization Name: Environmental Action Committee of West Marin
Contact Person: EAC Office
Phone: 415-663-9312

⇒ Tara Wildlife Spring Birding Weekend

Tara Spring Birding Weekend, Indigo Bunting - WorldBirder

Dates: May, 2019
Location: Vicksburg, MS, U.S.
This is the festival to experience the spring migration along the Mississippi Flyway with programs and social events and open air bus tours for great bird watching.
Organization Name: Tara Wildlife
Contact Person: Mark Bowen
Phone: 601-279-4261

⇒ Spring Fling

Spring Fling, Cedar Waxwing Bird -  WorldBirder

Dates: April, 2019
Location: Paradise, MI, U.S.
A great opportunity to learn about migration at the Great Lakes conservation at the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory.
Organization Name: Michigan Audubon
Contact Person: Lindsay Cain
Phone: 517-580-7364

⇒ Feathers Over Freeport: A Birdwatching Weekend

Feathers Over Freeport: A Birdwatching Weekend, Osprey Bird - WorldBirder

Dates: April, 2019
Location: Freeport, ME, U.S.
A family oriented weekend that is a great introduction to birdwatching. It includes a hawk workshop, live raptor show and kids events.
Organization Name: Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands
Contact Person: Andy Hutchinson
Phone: 207-865-4465

New River Birding and Nature Festival

New River Birding and Nature Festival, a Female Rose Breasted Grosbeak -  WorldBirder

Dates: May, 2019
Location: Fayetteville, WV, U.S.
This festival features guided birding and nature excursions, world class speakers, great guides and tasty food with a back-porch atmosphere. Warbler nesting habitats are the specialty.
Organization Name: New River Birding and Nature Festival
Contact Person: Rachel Davis
Phone: 3048808059

Indiana Dunes Birding Festival

Indiana Dunes Birding Festival, American Yellow Warbler - WorldBirder

Dates: May, 2019
Location: Chesterton, IN, U.S.
A festival on the shores of lake Michigan which celebrates the dunes area’s rich biodiversity and bird watching opportunities. Full of information on economic and conservation and environmental issues
Organization Name: Indiana Audubon Society
Contact Person: Brad Bumgardner
Phone: 219-926-1390

⇒ Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival

Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival, Shorebird -  WorldBirder

Dates: May, 2019
Location: Homer, AK, U.S.
At this festival, one can experience over 100,000 shorebirds of 25 different species migrating in early May. Keynote speaker is J. Drew Lanham and featured author Paul Bannick. Organization Name: Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges
Contact Person: Robbi Mixon
Phone: 907-226-4631

⇒ Festival of the Birds at Presque Isle

Festival of the Birds at Presque Isle, Rusty Blackbird - WorldBirder

Dates: May, 2019
Location: Erie, PA, U.S.
One can view migrant species with no large crowds as attendance is limited to 150 attendees. Keynote speaker is Scott Weidensaul and each attendee will receive a copy of the book Return to Wild America.
Organization Name: Presque Isle Audubon
Contact Person: Susan Smith
Phone: 8148604091

⇒ Birds in the Hills Festival

Birds in the Hills Festival, Canada Goose - WorldBirder

Dates: May, 2019
Location: Rutland, OH, U.S.
This festival features naturalist led hikes where one can expect to hear up to 20 species of warblers, including the cerulean warbler, scarlet tanagers, yellow-billed cuckoos and many other migratory songbirds.
Organization Name: Rural Action
Contact Person: Becca Farley
Phone: 740-767-4938

⇒ Annual South Dakota Birding Festival at Ft Randall

South Dakota Birding Festival, Ring Necked Pheasant - WorldBirder

Dates: May, 2019
Location: Pickstown, SD, U.S.
This is South Dakota’s oldest birding festival which includes a bird banding workshop and guided field trips on the areas two National Wildlife Refuges. Keynote speaker is Bill Taddicken, director of the Rowe Audubon Sanctuary.
Organization Name: U.S. F&WS
Contact Person: Mike Bryant
Phone: 605-487-7603

⇒ Vancouver Bird Week

Vancouver Bird Week, Flicker Bird - WorldBirder

Dates: May, 2019
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Walks and boat trips to see west coast birds for all levels. Celebrate International and World Migratory Bird day, public talks, and workshops.
Organization Name: Pacific WildLife Foundation
Contact Person: Rob Butler
Phone: 16048318191