Birding - Life Among The Birds

An increasing number of amateur ornithologists get to enjoy watching birds. The reason why this sort of entertainment has become so popularity is evident. Birds are found practically in all parts of the globe. Great variety of bird species and their beauty draw both professional and amateur photographers.

Unlike scientists ornithologists who study birds at the professional level most amateur ornithologists or birders watch birds for fun or educational purposes. Some birders study birds that live in their area, others take birdwatching tours to a special bird sanctuary or nature reserve to spot some endangered/rare species and there are bird enthusiasts who like professionals travel the world to visit places of the greatest concentration of birds, for example, places where birds spend the winter or have a rest during migration. There are even birdwatching championships held among such birders who compete in their effort to list as many bird species as possible for a limited period of time and set a record in birdwatching.

Recently due to the projects of American Birding Association the contribution of birders to collecting data concerning ecological significance of birds and their role in ecosystem services has increased. Internet resources and stores offer a huge selection of goods for "kind" fowlers – books for budding birders, handbooks with habitats of different bird species, birdwatching sport gear, books with tips on how to spot rare birds. Of course, there are some negative aspects as well. Poachers may use the information provided in the books to catch rare and expensive birds for profit.

Trophies obtained in photo-hunting won’t hurt nature and are legal. One can take pictures of birds everywhere: in the city, in the woods, near the lake, in prairies or savannah. Besides these photos can present material and artistic value in the future. Popular wildlife magazines often publish photos of birds and bird lovers decorate the walls with large posters depicting these wonderful creatures.

Today birdwatching is tourism and outdoor activity for young people, couples and the whole family as well as elderly people who love nature and wildlife. Many travel companies offer birdwatching tours.